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SUPPORTING YOU. Since 1996 Supermarket Parts Warehouse has offered personalized customer service with the expertise to help companies large and small repair and maintain the beauty of their stores. Offering quality replacement parts for all major manufacturers meeting or exceeding the original parts.

A letter from our COO, Mark Resnick.

I attended the StorePoint Fresh conference last year. It was my first time presenting to a group of distinguished professionals in the supermarket industry. This is an industry I have known, respected, and loved since I was a young man in my twenties, which was many years ago.  After delivering my presentation, I received some good comments, but the one that mattered the most was from one senior executive. The comment was, “The presenter was not compelling.”  So if you are taking the time to read this, I would like to make my case on why you should use us for all of your store resets and replacement parts needs. In fact, a compelling case.  What makes Supermarket Parts Warehouse compelling is our knowledge of your needs, the quality of our product, the quality of our service, our low cost, and our first-hand experience with the retail space. To our knowledge, we are the ONLY supermarket parts company that:

  • Fully understands the parts needed for this industry. When you provide a product model number, we can look at that product to ensure that it meets your needs. Our parent company, Resnick Equipment, is nearby and easily accessible to us. If there is ever an issue, we can test that product on a case to see how it performs.  Because we have access to both the replacement part business and the supermarket equipment business, there are no better experts in this industry than the many men and women who work in the Resnick Group of businesses.
  • Uses American-made parts for the majority of our parts. Some of them are right outside my office door, and all of them meet or often exceed the quality of the original equipment. In many cases, we sell parts that are better quality than what you would purchase from the manufacturer, but at a lower price. In most cases, we ship in much less time. We believe our quality standards are higher than those of our competitors.
  • Has most of your requested parts in stock; all in-stock items that are ordered by 10 am go out the same day.  Manufactured parts are mostly shipped two weeks or less from the date of the order. We believe our service standards are higher than those of our competitors.
  • Keeps our cost low as we aren’t burdened by the overhead of top-heavy, over-employed large corporations.
  • Provides exceptional customer service. Because we are a small family-owned and operated business that has its roots in retail, we know what it means to give great customer service. We get the urgency in which many orders are made. We have personally been in stores and have been part of re-sets and the installation of or removal of cases. We fully understand the challenges in the field.  So when you speak to us about shelving, gaskets, heaters, racks, plumbing, etc., I can with confidence tell you that our parts will work with your cases, they will arrive in time, they will meet your retail needs, they will perform as well as or better than what you can purchase today from the big guys, and they will be competitively priced. What could be more compelling than that?

We are here to serve you and to save your stores the financial resources so you can do more, grow, and improve to stay competitive in this new marketplace. We hope you make us part of that plan. I am always available to you if you need anything special, have products you use and want us to inventory, or if you have custom parts needs. I am personally a call away or I will come to you if the need is great enough.

With Gratitude,
Mark Resnick, COO