About Us

THE RESNICKS STARTED in a family hardware business in Bayonne, NJ. The son of Ukrainian immigrants, Albert Resnick raised four boys with his wife, Frances, above the hardware store. The oldest, Bill, favored the Catskill region of New York State at a young age. As the story goes, Bill’s car broke down and he met a young woman, and the rest is history. Bill, a serial entrepreneur, founded Resnick Equipment, and he was joined months later by his youngest brother, Mark.

What started as an equipment cleaning and resale company grew into a larger reconditioning company and later a remanufacturing firm, increasing quality with each step, thanks to Bill. He is still very active in a consultative role today. Bill’s two sons, Randy and Butch, grew up in this business. They both had active roles in growing this business as well as a number of unrelated diversified entities. Both Randy and Butch work tirelessly in their various ventures.

Daniel (aka Butch) Resnick, CEO of Resnick Equipment, Inc., the parent company of Supermarket Parts Warehouse, provides oversight for the entire group of companies, leads business development, works with our customers, and is active in many other businesses. (see: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/03/style/mountain-dale-new-york.html). Butch’s partner, Rick Swift, has been with the Resnick Group for more than 30 years. Rick has an impressive amount of knowledge and coordinates efforts between the various companies, providing “organizational glue” and momentum to long-range projects, helping to keep us on course.

Resnick Equipment warehouses supermarket cases, compressors/racks, shelving – you name it – remanufactured and new. This partnership built the subsidiary Supermarket Parts Warehouse (SMPW), which was founded in 1996 and caters to the full range of supermarket parts requirements.

Butch’s uncle, Mark, had a job at the start of Resnick Equipment; he ran crews in the field and many times on the working end of a Johnson bar, installing new stores and cleaning out older stores. Mark left for the warmer climates of Richmond, VA, to be on his own and raise his family in 1989, only to return in 2018 after 29 years to help Butch and Rick grow Supermarket Parts Warehouse.

When a question comes up regarding a piece of refrigeration equipment, there’s a deep history of case knowledge to lean on. We know supermarket equipment like few do. We are here to serve you and to help you in any way we can. We are very grateful to so many of you who have relied on us over the years and for all the wonderful relationships built over the two generations of supermarket men in our families.

With much gratitude.